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Magnificent Murals

Worcester has traditionally been artistically rich, and it seems as time goes on, it only gets better.  Now, it’s time to gear up for Pow! Wow!, an all-time first in the area. What’s Pow? Wow!? It’s a ten-day, ten mural festival, and the electrifying event kicks off on August 26. Art enthusiasts and skilled professionals

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To Bee or Not To Be

Honeybees are industrious, intelligent creatures, and some experts suggest they date back thousands upon thousands of years.  Their welfare is vital to ecological security, but a fair number of colonies have died off in the past decade or so. Many humans seem perplexed as to the cause of colony loss, although some individuals feel they

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Nature Knows Best

Many experts agree that allergens, parabens, and pollutants possess the ability to negatively affect health.  While it’s probably unrealistic to suggest we can eliminate all exposure to toxins in our daily lives, we can make an effort to replace hazardous products with more natural choices.  So, with that thought in mind, here are a few