Posted 13 November 2014 by in category Health & Wellness

Wipe Out Holiday Stress

The holidays are quickly approaching, and good times fill our heads.  Loved ones share meals together, laugh together, and celebrate blessings together. Yet, the holidays can also be a time of angst, particularly for individuals hosting gatherings or obliging overnight guests.  Since unease can hinder happiness, here are some suggestions that may be useful.  

Posted 10 October 2014 by in category Activities

Amazing Music: One Incredible Season

Music Worcester, presenter of the renowned Worcester Music Festival and formerly known as Worcester County Music Association, is undeniably a cultural favorite.  In fact, the organization has brought unsurpassed talent to Central Massachusetts for over 154 years.  It is important to mention that the volunteer branch of Worcester Music, the Music Guild, has been vital

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A Spending Account That Draws Applause

Saving money on a tax return is an especially appealing thought.  Fortunately, a Flexible Spending Account (a.k.a., FSA, Flexible Spending Arrangement) can help the prospect become reality. FSAs are not right for everyone, and not all employers offer the plan.  However, when it is available, it does make sense for some individuals.  Let’s look at