Posted 28 September 2015 by in category Community Events

Keep Smiling!

A welcoming smile brightens just about everyone’s day.  Even when things are not going particularly well, an unexpected smile, bestowed by either an associate or stranger, can turn everything around. But is it possible for a smiley face image to achieve similar results? Well, it seems the resounding answer is, “yes!”  Hence, in honor of World

Posted 17 September 2015 by in category Health & Wellness

Asking the Right Questions

Many seniors hope to stay as independent as they can for as long as possible.  Naturally, this is often a good thing.  Yet, there are times when aging parents could use our help but do not want to ask or even admit that help is needed.  In these instances, the questions we ask can be

Posted 25 August 2015 by in category Activities

Biting Blossoms

Labor Day is drawing near, and a multitude of activities are planned for this unofficial end of the summer holiday weekend.  One somewhat peculiar yet undeniably intriguing thought for people staying close to home is a stop over to Tower Hill Botanical Garden to catch the Carnivorous Plant Show, presented by The New England Carnivorous Plant