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Incredible Historical Parks

As we immerse ourselves in the joys of spring, some of us envision being whisked to a picturesque, historical backdrop.  And, as we daydream about the exploration, we wish we were closer to places like Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Zion. While the aforesaid sites indeed sound exhilarating, we must not forget there are rich-in-history parks located

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Celebrating Earth Day

The wellness of our planet is vital to future generations.  Fortunately, a group of individuals more than 45 years back made it a mission to advocate for ecological safeguards.  The fruits of their labor later became known as Earth Day (or sometimes, Earth Week).  Let’s look at some specifics pertaining to the origins of this

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Raising Your Happy Meter

To some people, happiness is a faithful friend that frequently comes to visit. To others, it’s a distant companion that only occasionally stops by. But what is happiness? Well, assorted people seem to agree it’s a beneficial emotion that uplifts the spirit. Thus, since happiness apparently adds value to our lives, we’ll examine the sentiment