Posted 13 January 2015 by in category Health & Wellness

Assorted Thoughts to Chew On

Let’s face it, we all have to eat.  And, research repeatedly indicates the items we put in our mouths affect the wellness of our bodies.  Now, some people might say they know individuals who can consume whatever they like with no ill consequence (or so it seems).  Nevertheless, most of us need to be mindful

Posted 6 January 2015 by in category Health & Wellness

15 Thoughts for the New Year

A New Year is here, and many of us hope to employ newer methods to enhance our lives.  So, in honor of 2015, here are fifteen thoughts to consider. We control our perceptions, no matter what the circumstances.  We can face harder times with a positive attitude and easier times with a negative one: it’s

Posted 15 December 2014 by in category Financial Advice

Year-End Tax To-Do’s

A New Year is hastily approaching, and 2014 will soon be a memory.  Still, when it comes to taxes, 2014 will be on our minds until April 15.  Because of this, now is the time to double-check you have made use of the deductions available to you. Need some thoughts?  Here are a few. Max