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A Tale of Utopia

Warmer weather is on the way, and the cold will soon bid adieu.  With little doubt, getting out and about will hold greater appeal.   One stop to consider while planning your spring to-do list is Fruitlands in Harvard, Massachusetts.  Undeniably, this locale has a fascinating history.  Here is a bit of info pertaining to

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Revolutionary Wonder

Football enthusiasts throughout New England are beyond ecstatic over the Super Bowl events that recently occurred.   Yes, posterity will regard February 1, 2015, as a most remarkable day.   Yet, did you know the Patriots have maintained an intriguing history since their inception?   Let’s look at several ins and outs surrounding this amazing team.   

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Assorted Thoughts to Chew On

Let’s face it, we all have to eat.  And, research repeatedly indicates the items we put in our mouths affect the wellness of our bodies.  Now, some people might say they know individuals who can consume whatever they like with no ill consequence (or so it seems).  Nevertheless, most of us need to be mindful