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Who Pays?

Last time we looked at the overall health picture of baby boomers and surprisingly saw they suffer with a greater degree of chronic illness than their parents.  And, while a good portion of this demographic continues to work, the group as a whole represents more than 25% of the American population, and some are retiring

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Lowering the Boom

Baby boomers (i.e., folks born between 1946 and 1964) tend to believe they enjoy improved health over the previous generation.  However, research seems to indicate otherwise.  In fact, a study from the West Virginia University School of Medicine found that baby boomers were less likely to be as healthy as their parents.   And the good news?

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Staying Sharp As We Age

Almost all of us want to remain alert well into our senior years.  Fortunately, there are various methods that increase the likelihood of this goal.  The suggestions below represent a few ways to help keep our minds sharp.   Mental stimulation exercises.  Studies indicate that working out the brain rouses nerve cells and may even