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Blazing Rivers

The unofficial kickoff to summer is upon us, and many fantastic activities are available to enjoy.  An often-recommended idea to consider is WaterFire in Providence, Rhode Island.  If you have never seen this dazzling display, it’s almost certainly worth a visit. What is WaterFire? It’s an imaginatively inspired sculpture arranged on the three rivers in

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Capitalizing On Improvements

Many seniors consider downsizing after the children have moved out of the family home.  And, while some have modernized and kept up with repairs through the years, others have not. Naturally, repairs and upgrades involve money, but almost all experts agree certain projects add value to a home. So, which upgrades tend to reap rewards? 

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The Rose and the Robin

When Briarwood resident Robert D. Johnson read one of his original poems at a community poetry reading, the gathering was stunned.  A quiet, thoughtful gentleman with an engineering background, Bob’s poetry talents were a surprise, but since then, we’ve learned that he has written beautiful, metaphysical poetry for many years and has been published.  Known