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Elms Activity Calendar

Activity Programs at the Elms                                   August 13th – August 19th  2017

NAME THAT AUTOMOBILE: Can you identify the 15 automobiles posted in various locations of the second floor of the Elms? Find each one and mark it off on the list on the back of this calendar. On Thursday afternoon we will meet and go over the answers.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 13th 10:30 COFFEE HOUR (Activity Room) 1:30 BBC PRESENTS: Jack Craig – Early 1960’s Hits [previously recorded] (Living Room) 3:00 CARD GAMES & JACKPOT! (Activity Room)

MONDAY, AUGUST 14th 9:30 EXERCISE WITH JOE (Living Room) 10:30 BINGO (Activity Room) 10:30 ROSARY (Living Room) 1:15 PAINTING WITH MANDY (Activity Room) 3:00 SEQUENCE (Activity Room)

TUESDAY, AUGUST 15th 9:30 EXERCISE DVD (Living Room) 10:30 COFFEE & TRIVIA (Activity Room) 2:00 TABLETOP BOWLING (Activity Room) 3:15 WORD GAMES (Activity Room) 4:00 GUIDED MEDITATION & AROMATHERAPY (Porch) 4:00 FRESH AIR CLUB (Patio off Den) 6:00 CARD GAMES (Activity Room)

Stop by the All Season Porch for “Independent Activities” available anytime. Books, reminiscing magazines, jigsaw puzzles, word search, crossword puzzles, etc.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16th 9:30 BALANCE & BRAINS WITH KRISTEN (Living Room) 10:00 COMPUTER GAMES & EMAIL HELP (Den) 10:30 TRAVEL TO HAWAII: Watch a video exploring the beauty of Hawaii, learn fun facts, and more! (Living Room) 2:00 ENTERTAINER GARY LANDGREN (Living Room) 3:30 COLOR ME CALM (Activity Room) 4:00 FRESH AIR CLUB (Patio off Den) 6:00 MOVIE CLUB (Den)

THURSDAY, AUGUST 17th 9:30 EXERCISE WITH BRENNA (Living Room) 10:00 MANICURES, MUSIC & CHAT W/ JULIE (Activity Room) 2:00 NAME THAT AUTOMOBILE: Search results given – how many did you answer correctly? (Living Room) 3:00 TOSS UP! & LRC (Activity Room) 4:00 FRESH AIR CLUB (Patio off Den) 6:00 BINGO (Activity Room)

FRIDAY, AUGUST 18th 9:00 BEAUTY SHOP – by appointment (Salon) 9:30 S.A.I.L. EXERCISE CLASS WITH JOE (Living Room) 10:30 BOOKMOBILE (Parking Lot) 11:30 VAN TO OLI’S & GERARDO’S – Advanced sign up with Nancy is required for this outing (Lobby) 1:00 PODIATRIST (Spa Room) 2:00 BBC PRESENTS: Poetry Reading – Moderated by Peter Smith [previously recorded] (Living Room)

SATURDAY, AUGUST 19th 10:30 COFFEE HOUR (Activity Room) 2:00 BINGO (Activity Room) 4:00 EASY LISTENING: Sax on Ivory (Living Room)

Movie Club meets on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm in the Living Room.Each week’s movie selection will be displayed by the mailboxes.

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