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Elms Activity Calendar

Activity Programs at the Elms                                   March 19th – 25th  2017



SUNDAY, MARCH 19th 10:00 COFFEE & CRANIUM CRUNCHES (Activity Room) 2:00 TABLETOP BOWLING (Activity Room) 3:15 MAD LIBS & CHAT PACK (Activity Room) 4:00 EASY LISTENING: Treasury of Baroque (Living Room)

MONDAY, MARCH 20th 9:30 EXERCISE WITH JOE (Living Room) 10:30 BINGO (Activity Room) 10:30 ROSARY (Living Room) 1:15 PAINTING WITH MANDY (Activity Room) 3:00 SEQUENCE (Activity Room) 4:00 EASY LISTENING: Billy Eckstine (Living Room)

TUESDAY, MARCH 21st 9:30 EXERCISE WITH JENN (Living Room) 11:00 COMMUNION SERVICE WITH REV. MARK NILSON, SALEM COVENANT CHURCH (Living Room) 2:00 BRA ANNUAL MEETING (Birches Auditorium) 3:30 PUTTING THE PAST IN ORDER (Activity Room) 4:00 EASY LISTENING: Frank Sinatra (Living Room) 6:00 CARD GAMES (Activity Room)

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22nd 9:30 BALANCE & BRAINS WITH JOE (Living Room) 10:00 COMPUTER GAMES & EMAIL HELP (Den) 10:30 PICTURE IT (Living Room) 2:00 ENTERTAINER DUANE SULLIVAN (Living Room) 4:00 EASY LISTENING: Johnny Mathis (Living Room) 6:00 MOVIE CLUB (Living Room)



 THURSDAY, MARCH 23rd  9:30 EXERCISE WITH JENN (Living Room) 9:30 PEDICURES WITH JULIE (Salon) 10:30 COFFEE & TRIVIA (Activity Room) 1:00 BBC INTERVIEW: Hawkins & Bolduc about Quinsigamond Community College (Living Room) 1:30 BIBLE STUDY WITH REV. MARK NILSON, SALEM COVENANT CHURCH (Elms Library) 2:00 GAME TIME: Pass the Pigs (Activity Room) 4:00 EASY LISTENING: Classics for Joy – Disc 1 (Living Room) 6:00 BINGO (Activity Room)

FRIDAY, MARCH 24th 9:00 BEAUTY SHOP – by appointment (Salon) 9:30 GUIDED MEDITATION & AROMATHERAPY (Porch) 10:30 BOOKMOBILE (Parking Lot) 10:30 SIGNS & RHYMES OF BURMA-SHAVE (Living Room) 11:15 LUNCH OUTING: IL FORNO RESTAURANT (Lobby) ***Advanced sign up with Nancy is required for this outing*** 1:30 SENTIMENTAL REFLECTIONS: America’s Heritage in Story, Scenery & Song (Living Room) 4:00 EASY LISTENING: Classics for Joy – Disc 2 (Living Room)

SATURDAY, MARCH 25th 10:30 COFFEE HOUR (Activity Room) 2:45 PERFORMANCE BY jazziaks DANCE STUDIO SOLOISTS & DUOS (Elms Library) 4:00 EASY LISTENING: Tommy Dorsey (Living Room)

Movie Club meets on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm in the Living Room.Each week’s movie selection will be displayed by the mailboxes.

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