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15 Thoughts for the New Year

A New Year is here, and many of us hope to employ newer methods to enhance our lives.  So, in honor of 2015, here are fifteen thoughts to consider.

  1. We control our perceptions, no matter what the circumstances.  We can face harder times with a positive attitude and easier times with a negative one: it’s up to us.
  2. There’s a discernible difference between selfishness and ensuring our needs are met.  Actually, when we fail to properly care for ourselves, it becomes more difficult to help others.
  3. Motion is beneficial to the body, mind, and soul.  So, if you are physically able, take the staircase instead of elevator, walk instead of drive, and regularly exercise.
  4. Pick up the classic you have always wanted to read yet somehow missed.
  5. Time continues whether we fret about it or not.  Thus, instead of counting the days, make them count.
  6. Love is the answer, even if we forget the question.
  7. It’s exciting to set goals and even more thrilling to stick with them.   Nonetheless, if you miss Tuesday’s workout routine, that’s okay.
  8. Try to cut people a reasonable amount of slack for their shortcomings (and hopefully they will return the favor).
  9. Learn a new language, especially if it is something you have always wanted to do.   You certainly do not have to have to be overly proficient, just knowing you can carry on a conversation may be all that is necessary to feel rewarded.
  10. Set healthy objectives but reserve the right to occasionally deviate.
  11. Refrain from hasty judgment.  Most people have something valuable to add, even when their experiences are rather different from ours.
  12. Regularly give thanks; appreciation does wonders for the soul.
  13. Pardon others, even when it is difficult.  It is your load that lightens.
  14. We can usually diminish a wrong if we fess up we messed up.
  15. We’ve all heard the saying,” You can’t take it with you.”  You can’t, so now’s the time to enjoy!

A New Year?  It holds a plethora of promise!