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Accessing Senior Resources

Some economists contend the financial picture is pretty positive for a fair number of Americans. They argue interest rates have been down and unemployment is relatively low.

Yet, as we dig a little deeper into money matters, we see that although some groups surely seem to be doing well, for example superstar techies and high-level corporate types, we also recognize the good fortune brew has not particularly spilt over to the rest of us. Actually, current studies indicate the gap between the haves and have-nots is widening, and seniors are especially suffering the consequences.  In fact, it’s estimated that in excess of 6 million elderly individuals in this nation live in poverty, and the numbers only appear to be growing.

Well, is a speedy solution on the table?

Regrettably, a rapid fix seems unlikely to occur.  Nonetheless, seniors can arm themselves with pertinent information in the event a personal need should arise.  With that thought in mind, here are a few resources to keep on hand.

  • Justice in Aging (formerly National Senior Citizens Law Center–NSCLC):  Operating as a legal advocacy organization, Justice in Aging helps seniors combat poverty through legislative means.  The agency asserts that a growing number of Americans are aging into poverty, and a primary objective of the group is to strengthen social programs that protect this precious demographic.
  • Setting Priorities for Retirement Years Foundation (SPRY):  SPRY is a research and educational-based agency that seeks to enhance seniors’ lives, in part by changing people’s perceptions concerning what it means to become older.  The group focuses its efforts on topics like physical fitness, intellectual exploration, finances, mental wellness, and social connections.
  • Administration on Aging (AOA): This community/home-based outfit provides a wide range of senior services.  Under the auspices of the organization are agencies like the Office of Nutrition and Health Promotion, Office of Supportive and Caregiver Services, and Office of Long-term Care Ombudsman Programs.
  • National Aging in Place Council (NAIPC): A valuable support network, NAIPC imparts beneficial data to seniors so they can live as independently as possible under their respective circumstances.  Elders can enjoy expert feedback on topics like financial services, healthcare, elder law and home improvements.

Some individuals sense a discernible degree of uncertainty hovering in the air.  And, if harder times really do arrive in a more measurable manner, it’s good to know there are agencies out there addressing the needs of older Americans.

For a local guide centering on senior resources, go to www.worcesterma.gov.

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