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How to Get Involved with Activities in a Retirement Community

activities in a retirement community

Moving into a retirement community is a time filled with change. You’ve downsized and sold your home, packed up and moved to a brand new place filled with new people. While it might seem overwhelming, this is an exciting time! It’s a time to try new things and enjoy your retirement. Learn how to get involved in activities in a retirement community—and why you should.

Activities in a Retirement Community: What’s Available?

When people hear “retirement home activities,” they often think of BINGO—and only BINGO. But the idea that retirees do nothing but play a single game all day couldn’t be further from the truth! Many retirement homes have expanded to include a wide variety of activities to engage all sorts of interests.

So what activities are available? There’s no one answer to this question because each retirement community has something different to offer their residents. However, there are some things that most communities have in common, including:

  • Entertainment. Shows from local musicians, movie nights, community parties and gatherings, and more!
  • Fun & Games (yes, even BINGO). Time to relax and engage in some friendly competition with your fellow residents.
  • Exercise. Fitness classes or individual time in a fitness center to keep your body and mind active.
  • Social groups. Time to sit and talk with other residents who share your interests.
  • Trips off campus. Whether it’s to go see a show or simply to go grocery shopping, leaving the property provides a great change of scenery.

Note: if you haven’t yet chosen a retirement community, this is something to look out for! Ask about activities when you tour communities so you’ll know what they offer and what to expect.

At Briarwood, we strive for a sense of community where all of our residents feel happy and engaged—and activities are a big part of that. There’s always something going on at Briarwood: weekly tai chi classes, manicures, knitting group meetings, Movies to Think About, mindfulness meditation, and many, many more. While many of these activities occur several times a month, there are also activities that happen seasonally or on special occasions, such as the Greater Worcester Opera Winter Cabaret Songs of the 60’s concert and Super Bowl party we held earlier this month! With an ever-changing list of activities, residents should be sure to watch the events calendar so they don’t miss out!

How Do I Get Involved?

New residents might hesitate to jump right into activities in a retirement community; you may not know which activities to choose or if you will be welcomed.

The good news? Briarwood is built on inclusion and a sense of community. Every resident is welcome to try any activity they may be interested in—no pressure. Try something new and meet new people! You may find a new activity you love, and if you end up deciding something you try isn’t for you, you don’t need to return.

Looking to get even more involved? Seniors at Briarwood can do more than just take part in activities; some of the activities are organized and run by residents, so you can take a leadership role and help others engage with something you’re passionate about!

The Briarwood Lifestyle

Why should you participate in activities in a retirement home? The simple answer? Because it’s fun! This is your retirement—it’s time to enjoy it! When you take part in activities, you can practice something you love, keep active, and find new interests. You can meet new people, form new friendships, and increase your overall happiness and well-being.

The Briarwood lifestyle embraces community. We want our residents to feel happy and fulfilled, and activities are an important part of that. Are you ready to see what our community is all about? Come pay us a visit! Tour our facilities, meet our staff and residents, and try a meal in our dining room!

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