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What You Should Consider Before Selling Your Home

what to consider before selling your home

Once the, “Should I sell the family home?” question has presented itself in some way, an assortment of additional thoughts typically pop into mind.  Which real estate agency should I choose? Where will I go?  Will support systems and activities be available in my new community?

Yet, before the aforementioned questions can be answered, a few preliminary undertakings can better help you decide the pathway best for you.

Since selling a beloved abode is clearly a big decision, here are some suggestions to consider before making a final judgment.

  • Try to detach. Sure, many cherished memories reside within the walls of a family home, but everlasting memories live only in our hearts. Hence, keep in mind that no matter where your feet may journey, treasured times travel with you. True, structures may seem to house the remembrances we hold dear: but when we leave the edifice, we get to take all those prized recollections with us.
  • Pack away valued yet unnecessary possessions. Certain objects clutter not only the living space but also our ability to make sound choices. Subsequently, packing them away is a wonderful first step when undergoing a contemplative assessment process. Some thoughts? Choose one style box for books, another for art, another for photos, another for collectibles, etc. Naturally, label all of the packages, as this affords order when it comes time to retrieve the items for personal use or allocate them to relatives or close family members.
  • Don’t wait until a rainy day. Many individuals put off discarding belongings they no longer use until a rainy day comes. However, rainy days come and go, but the stuff is still there. A great way to approach a purge project is by tackling one room at a time. Naturally, it is best to separate giveaways from disposables, and then enlist assistance from family and friends to help vacate the various articles. Amazingly, when this particular job is behind you, everything looks brighter, whether you end up staying put or moving on.
  • Imagine you’re the buyer.Objectivity is not always easy when we’re strolling through our own homes. Because of this, attempt to remove biased glasses and look at your residence in the same way a prospective purchaser might do. Is the wallpaper peeling? Does the paint look faded? Are the hardwood floors scratched? Does the carpeting emit an odor? Are the bathrooms dated? Could the kitchen use freshening? Concentrating on questions such as these will better help you distinguish which, if any, improvements need to be made.

Now that the above considerations have been addressed at some level, the “Should I downsize?” question becomes easier to answer.

For example, do you still feel somewhat isolated despite the tasks you’ve undertaken? Do you imagine yourself in a place where friends are accessible and activities are available when you want to partake? Do you wish to improve your quality of life?

Next time we will look at a few selling tips for the folks who have decided to move on. But for now, Happy Spring!

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