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Considering Adult Day Care

A number of people take in an elderly parent, especially when the loved one is unprepared to enter a skilled nursing facility but still could use regular support.  Yet, this option sometimes presents with difficulties, as there may not be anyone available to help out during the day.

Fortunately, adult day care can fill a niche for caregivers with outside responsibilities.  Here are three common types of adult day care.

Social Interaction day care.  Some older individuals do not have considerable medical requirements yet benefit from a safe environment to go to during the week.  This type of care typically offers intellectual and emotional stimulation while providing structure to daily goings-on.  Activities may perhaps include craft making, cooking, game playing, gardening, day trips, and exercise.

Medical and/or therapeutic day care.  Therapeutic day care offers not only a social component but a medical one, as well.  Physical therapy, occupational therapy, blood pressure monitoring, speech therapy, medication management, and blood sugar testing are some of the services that might be available.

Dementia care day care.  Individuals experiencing memory challenges typically have specific needs, such as enhanced safety requirements.  Naturally, dementia patients also take pleasure in assorted activities, but the actions tend to be customized to ones suffering from memory loss.

What are some of the questions to ask when seeking out adult day care?  Here are several thoughts.

  • Is transportation available?
  • What are the hours of operation? 
  • What types of services/programs are offered?
  • Will there be an evaluation process?
  • Is the center licensed? Is the center licensed to administer medication and/or medical procedures? 
  • Are snacks and meals provided? Are the offerings nutritionally balanced? 
  • Is respite available? 
  • What are the staff requirements? Are workers properly screened?
  • Is exercise a part of the program? What safety procedures are in place in the event of a mishap?
  • What measures are taken if an attendee becomes difficult? 
  • Is counseling available? 
  • What are the costs and/or fees?

Adult day care is appropriate for some elders and unsuitable for others.  When it is right, it can provide a variety of enriching rewards like social interaction, emotional encouragement, intellectual stimulation, and a feeling of comradeship with contemporaries.

As you would expect, it does cost money to attend adult day care.  Still, keep in mind that Medicare or Medicaid may help out with payments under certain circumstances.

To learn more about adult day care, go to http://www.caregiverslibrary.org/

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