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Do You Twitter?

Most people have probably heard the word, but some have no idea what it is.  Is it a character out of Peter Pan?

twitterNo, Twitter is a networking service that lets users send and receive messages via a cell phone or the Internet.  Why? Because people are social creatures, and many wish to stay connected with friends, family, and other individuals who share their interests.  The character maximum is only 140 per message.  Why else would someone “tweet” throughout the day?  They have a lot to say!

So what is the Twitter hype really all about?  Here are some thoughts.

Private or Public.  Twitter users have the option of deciding who sees the “tweets.”  In other words, their words can be posted in an open forum, or they can choose selective viewers via direct messaging.

Networking Tool.  Twitter users can reach out to large audiences.  This means if an individual wants to share specifics about a business or product, the opportunity for information exchange is extremely impressive.

Up-to-date.  Twitter users can send up-to-the-minute details concerning their day.  Some people find this notion peculiar, but others actually enjoy keeping others abreast as to the happenings in their lives.

Tracking.  If users are interested in receiving immediate feedback about their product or business, there are services (such as Monitter) that offer real life commentaries.

Maybe some of you remain unsure and assume that Twitter is just a youthful fad.  Still it’s interesting to note that the majority of Twitter users are adults.  It’s also fascinating to mention that seniors are also engaging in micro-blogging.  How come?  Because they can brainstorm with contemporaries, exchange information, promote their businesses, stay in touch with friends, share hobby ideas, etc.  Even NASA invited 100 selected Twitter users to tweet about the space shuttle blastoff.

Okay, so perhaps you remain skeptical, and every now and then, skepticism is not a bad thing.  After all, Twitter does gather personal information and could share it with third parties.  In addition, posting private information for the world to see might not always be sensible, so it’s wise to choose the “140 characters” carefully (particularly if the tweets are not audience selective).

At least for now, Twitter does not appear to be going anywhere.  In fact, since its founding in 2006, it has enjoyed tremendous growth.  Is it here to stay?  Perhaps.