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Don’t Discount Senior Perks

Every age category has advantages associated with their subtype.  For example, people under thirty seem to possess endless energy reserves, and senior citizens possess an impressive library of experience and knowledge.

Still, seniors have many other positive aspects associated with their demographic, and some they may not even know about.  Let’s look at a few.

  • Free Tuition.  People 60 and over in Massachusetts are eligible for tuition waivers at public colleges.  In order to meet the criteria, individuals must be a MA resident for at least one year, present evidence of age, fill out a Waiver Form, and be a U.S. citizen (or qualifying non-citizen).   Some institutions even offer additional benefits to seniors, like Fee Waivers, so be sure to check.   Nevertheless, it is important to mention that waivers sometimes apply only when space is available in the classroom.   Therefore, individuals with waivers may need to wait until a week prior to the beginning of class before they can register for a particular course.
  • Business Discounts.  Assorted businesses offer discounted rates to seniors.  Hairdressing salons, eateries, retail stores (including online), hotels, museums, amusement parks, trains, grocery stores, travel agencies, etc., may perhaps have reduced rates for people over a certain age.  At the same time, when you join organizations geared toward seniors/retired people (e.g., AARP), additional perks may be available.   For discount opportunities in your area, be sure to check with your community senior center.  And, when you patronize a said business, don’t forget to bring your ID so you can get the special price!
  • Free Banking, 18-65 Accounts.   State-chartered banks in Massachusetts offer free checking and savings accounts to people 65 and over.   Because of this, seniors are not assessed a monthly cost, and basic-designed checks are free of charge.  Moreover, bounced (returned) checks are issued a $5 fee instead of the customary $25.  Nonetheless, there may be costs for other bank services, so be sure to inquire.  The program is called 18-65 Accounts because a similar arrangement applies to individuals 18 and under.
  • State and National Parks/Entry.   Free MassParks Senior Citizen Passes are available to MA residents 62 and over.  They do not expire and good for free parking at Massachusetts State Parks.  To get a MassParks Pass, go to a fee-based state park and show an appropriate ID that includes your address and age.  For additional info, go to http://www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/dcr/massparks/passes-and-fees/buy-parks-pass-dcr-generic.html  Seniors 62 and over who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible for Federal Recreation Lands and National Parks Passes.  There is a $10 cost, and the passes last a lifetime.  For more details, go to http://store.usgs.gov/pass/senior.html

Senior discounts?  Fortunately there are many!

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