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Elderly Housing: Congregate Housing

Today we will briefly examine another option in elderly housing: congregate housing.  Residents in congregate facilities tend to be self-sufficient but may need access to some services.  Individuals requiring substantial medical assistance are typically not suitable for this type of dwelling.

Congregate housing can vary widely in apartment size, location, and amenities.  Some facilities are obtainable in the form of subsidized housing, which make this type of residence attractive to low-income seniors.  Still, subsidized locations are not as available as in previous years because of funding shortages.

Most congregate facilities offer private living spaces with shared dining and social areas.  Some (if not all) meals are generally provided.  This type of residence affords seniors with an element of independence while still implementing support systems.  Services that might be offered are collective dining, housekeeping, recreational activities, staff availability (non-medical), laundry, social activities, etc.

The cost for congregate housing varies, largely determined by apartment size and services offered.  One-room apartments will usually be more affordable than a two-bedroom dwelling.  Prices can range between $500 per month to well over $3,000 per month.  In addition, there may be optional services that add to the monthly charges (such as staff assistance with medication or transportation).  Some locations require rental agreements, while others have an up-front cost,

In sum, congregate housing is suitable for the senior who wishes to maintain a certain degree of independence while still feeling connected.  It is typically not appropriate for individuals who require 24-hour medical care.  Under the right set of circumstances, congregate housing can be a viable choice for you or your loved one.  Still, make certain to research all available options in the desired area to ensure that the one chosen will be the proper fit for you or your loved one.

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