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Flower Power: Healing With Hibiscus

Hibiscus FlowerHibiscus is a beautiful flowering plant that comes in a variety of colors.  Actually, there are many species of this warm-climate delight.  Enchantingly, the blossoms attract amazing creatures like hummingbirds and help summer yards look more attractive.  Certain hibiscus blossoms even make for interesting and tasty food fare.


In addition to this genus’ aesthetic and culinary qualities, some varieties are also thought to possess healing properties.  In fact, research seems to confirm this claim.  Here are two of the believed benefits.

  • Lower cholesterol.  As we already know, our bodies create cholesterol, but we get it from certain foods, as well.  Cholesterol is necessary to our cells and essential to our lives.  We typically hear about two types of this lipid molecule, HDL and LDL—a.k.a., good and bad, although triglycerides are thrown in the mix, too.   Even though cholesterol is necessary to animal life, too much is not a good thing.  Why?  Many medical professionals assert elevated levels (i.e., well over 200) can contribute to coronary heart disease.  Interestingly, a few studies have indicated hibiscus supplements encourage cholesterol maintenance.  Clearly, that’s impressive.
  • Lower blood pressure (BP).  Blood pressure shows the force of blood as it pushes against the artery walls.  It is one of four vital signs: the others are respiratory rate, temperature, and heart rate.  Systolic and diastolic represent the two BP measurements, and it is significant to mention that both numbers are important.  Blood pressure varies throughout the day and tends to be the lowest at rest and highest at exertion.  Even so, in the vicinity of 120/70 is usually considered a standard to shoot for.  High blood pressure has been linked to debilitating illnesses, so controlling it is vital.  Research has suggested that hibiscus extract lowered blood pressure levels in study participants, although some practitioners believe further data is needed to corroborate this finding.


So, does hibiscus possess any other alleged benefits?

Yes, because it is a natural diuretic and rich in antioxidants, various individuals drink hibiscus tea to support fluid balance, encourage wellness, augment heart health, strengthen the immune system, and maintain normal body temperature.

Nonetheless, always check with your doctor before taking any kind of supplement, especially in higher dosages.  Even a seemingly innocuous tea made from flowers might impact medication or bring about unpleasant effects.

But your physician said it’s okay?  Then another cup of tea, please!

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