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Gift Ideas for Nursing Homes Residents

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching, and a few people may still be uncertain as to what to give their mothers.  Naturally, the greatest present children can give is their time.  Still, many individuals like to complement this with something tangible.  Subsequently, here are some ideas.mothers-day

Flowers. Okay, perhaps this isn’t a particularly innovative suggestion, but many women love flowers no matter what their age.  The reason?  They smell wonderful, brighten up a room, make a great conversation piece, and possess a dreamy quality only they can bestow.  A few thoughts?  Stargazer lilies complemented by blue irises, rainbow-colored roses harmonized by baby’s breath, multi-hued tulips, and lavender and pink daisies.  Gorgeous!

Newspaper and/or Magazine Subscription. Some nursing home residents feel it imperative to keep abreast of current news or the latest happenings.  If this is the case with your parent, then maybe a subscription to a periodical is the gift for her.  Should you go this route, try ordering something you feel confident she will read.  For example, if Mom likes local news, then a neighborhood newspaper is likely in order.  If she prefers a national focus, then perhaps a paper with a broader emphasis will be preferred.  On the other hand, if she enjoys crafts, then maybe a monthly subscription to a craft magazine is what she will enjoy.  When you stop to think about it, there’s so much to choose from!

Bed Quilt.  Some women enjoy socializing but also desire the comfort of their own rooms.  Therefore, it is important to make their personal space as gratifying as possible.  Bed quilts can help accomplish this mission.  Besides being pleasing to the eye, they tend to add a measure of character to the area.  As one might expect, coverlets come in many colors, but cheery shades are often favored.

Day Out.  If your mom is ambulatory or can be taken out without much difficulty, then lunch and/or the spa might be what the doctor ordered.  A pleasurable dining experience will brighten almost any mother’s face, and a spa treatment will rejuvenate the senses.  “What kind?” you might ask.  Well, it depends upon your mom.  Does she relish a back rub?  Then maybe a massage.  Does she put on makeup?  Then perhaps a facial to clean her pores.  Does she like nail polish?  Then maybe a manicure and/or pedicure.

Basket of “Practical Pleasure.”  Okay, so Mom is practical and would never receive gratification from all that indulgent stuff, then how about a collection of her favorite personal products?  An assortment of hand and facial soaps, hair spray, body mist, toothpaste, mouthwash, lotion, breath mints, dental floss, facial powder, skin cream, etc., arranged in a pretty basket, will certainly make her smile.  And, a lovely 3 by 5 photo of the two of you included in the mix will probably keep her grinning well into the future.

Every mom is different, and what one woman enjoys, another may not.  The above suggestions are only a sampling of the numerous gift ideas for mothers in nursing homes.

To all the beautiful mothers in the world, Happy Mother’s Day!

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