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How Maintenance Plays a Role in Choosing Senior Living Accommodations

senior living accommodationThere are many reasons that seniors decide to move into a retirement community. No matter what your reason is, there are things you don’t want to worry about when you move. Who’s going to shovel when it snows or take care of the lawn? Many seniors move out of their homes because it gets too difficult to keep up with maintenance. Senior living communities need to provide help in keeping up with these tasks. At Briarwood, home maintenance plays a big role in senior living accommodations.

Maintenance Included in Senior Living

Every senior community is different, but common senior living accommodations include cleaning services, building maintenance, and snow removal services.

Briarwood has two different living options: independent and assisted living. These options are available because seniors have varying needs. Some want to downsize and move to a home where they can live independently, while others may need more support. Regardless of the living situation, every Briarwood resident benefits from snow removal and landscaping services. We even take the time to clear the snow off of our residents’ cars after every snow storm!

It’s important to note that at Briarwood, independent living takes two forms. Independent seniors may live in apartments or in cottages across our campus. In addition to snow and ice removal and grounds maintenance, Briarwood also provides maintenance for the residences themselves. Every residence is supplied with appliances at the time of move in, and our staff is equipped to maintain and repair any appliances that aren’t working properly.

Seniors in the assisted living apartments enjoy all of these maintenance services and more. While annual heavy house cleaning services are available for all of our independent residents, weekly housekeeping is provided to assist our apartment living residents. This includes personal laundry services and weekly linen changes.

How Maintenance Enhances Senior Living Accommodations

Many seniors move out of their family homes because maintenance gets to be too difficult as they age. Maintenance should play a vital role in which senior living community you choose. At Briarwood, you won’t have to worry about shoveling snow, mowing the lawn, or fixing the roof. For many seniors, this is a big relief. From supplying, maintaining, and replacing appliances to repairing furnaces and hot water heaters, the Briarwood staff is equipped to support a wide variety of maintenance services.

When you’re not busy cleaning or worrying about maintenance tasks, you can focus on more important things, like keeping active in our fitness center, perfecting your latest project in the wood shop, or enjoying countless events and activities. Briarwood is a community, and we want you to have the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy all that it has to offer.

Maintenance services are a vital part of any senior living community, and Briarwood takes pride in our services. Looking for help as you prepare to make the move into a retirement community? Download our free eBook, Preparing for and Finding a Retirement Community, to help you get started.

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