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Living Your Best Life! A Typical Day in Retirement at Briarwood

If you’re moving into a senior living community, you may be wondering what a typical day in retirement will look like. Some seniors may worry that their day-to-day life will become dull or lonely, but that’s certainly not the case. In fact, aside from providing residents with the health services they need, many retirement homes offer various other activities and opportunities to help residents to make the most out of retirement.

A Typical Day in Retirement

The Briarwood Community provides various activities, amenities, and special events that allow seniors to maintain an active and social lifestyle. It isn’t very easy to encompass what a typical day in retirement may look like for residents. With so many activities to choose from, and new ones constantly being offered, everyone’s day is different.

However, whether they wish to participate in an activity or attend an event, residents have the freedom to choose how they spend their time throughout the day.

A Typical Morning in Retirement

After waking up, some residents make breakfast in their apartment while others may head to one of our restaurant-style dining rooms for a bite and some coffee. During the week, residents may choose to sleep in a little longer or wake up earlier to take advantage of the different opportunities or activities scheduled for that morning.

Every morning, there are a few health and wellness opportunities that alternate day by day for seniors that want to stay physically and mentally fit. If they wish to get their muscles moving or relax with meditation, residents may visit our Fitness Center as a part of their routine where they can choose to attend one or more of the different classes available. Some of these classes include mindfulness meditation and instructor-guided workout.

Aside from taking care of your mental and physical health, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to pamper and treat yourself in retirement too! Manicures and pedicures are offered every Monday morning, and we even have a Beauty Shop that opens up every Thursday and Friday morning. It’s no secret that you will find many of our residents enjoying our spa services, which include manicures, pedicures, massages, and more!

While our spa may be just what you need, you occasionally might want to get away for a while. For that reason, we offer several off-site trip opportunities scheduled in the morning. On Mondays, seniors may take the van to the YMCA in Greendale. On Wednesday, residents can take the van to Stop & Shop to pick up some groceries. They’ll also have the option to attend trips to different locations on Friday mornings alternating between Solomon Pond Mall, Walmart, Trader Joes, and more!

A Typical Afternoon in Retirement

After lunch, residents have the choice of participating in various activities and events typically scheduled throughout the afternoon. There are also several special events held throughout the month with guest speakers and matinees to engage residents.

To satisfy the diverse interests and hobbies of our residents, Briarwood offers several different options for clubs and activities to choose from. Those who enjoy reading may attend the book club meeting after lunch, while those who love to write may participate in the poetry workshop held every other Monday. Aside from weekly activities and clubs throughout the day, seniors may look forward to special events or classes throughout the week, focusing on various topics that may spark their interests.

While different workshops and classes engage residents intellectually, there are also several other entertainment and social opportunities to take advantage of. Many residents look forward to different matinees every Wednesday where they can relax and enjoy the show. On occasion, a social hour is held where everyone is welcomed to get together and hang out0. This is a great opportunity to meet other residents and catch up with friends!

Over the weekend, residents tend to visit the Craft & Chat room where they can play games and interact with other residents. There’s also fun trip opportunities every weekend that take residents to different places including museums, movie theaters, and more!

A Typical Evening

For dinner, residents have the option to prepare their own homecooked meals or choose to visit the dining area to enjoy a delicious meal prepared by our chefs.

After that, there are several interactive events and game nights throughout the week where seniors can have fun and socialize. On the other hand, residents may prefer to relax and unwind in their apartments once in a while with some TV or their favorite book. Matinees are also held on occasion after dinner!

A Typical Day in Retirement at Briarwood

Here at Briarwood, we’ve developed a culture and environment that allows seniors to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. There are several different events, activities, and other opportunities that target different needs and fulfill various interests.

Seniors can improve physical strength through various work out classes or individual exercise in our Fitness Center. While physical wellness is an important aspect, Briarwood residents can engage themselves intellectually as well with a variety of interactive classes and lectures regarding diverse topics, including music, history, technology, and much more. Aside from physical and intellectual engagement, our community offers exciting and lively social, emotional, spiritual, and vocational opportunities to entertain our residents every day of the week.

Residents have the freedom to choose from many options to meet their own personal needs and interests. With so much going on and something new every day, no resident’s day in retirement is alike. To learn even more about a typical day in retirement, why don’t you come down for a tour at Briarwood? You can chat with staff and residents, and dinner will be on the house!

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