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Medieval Merriment

Assorted celebrations are now taking place in many parts of the world.  Fortunately, numerous people wish to be merry, no matter what else may be going on in their lives.

One exhilarating thought during this joyful time is a visit to Worcester Art Museum.  True to form, traditional activities are energizing individuals throughout the month of December.  In addition, a newcomer is included in the schedule, as well.

What’s the newcomer?

On December 17, a reopening of the Medieval Galleries will feature a striking, revamped collection of past joviality.  In fact, the entire weekend will honor medieval family merriment.

Decorations including ivy, boxwood, berries, holly, and wheat romantically serve to reflect the bygone era.  Included in the fabulous festivities will be a dreamy castle, arms and armor from the coveted John Higgins Collection, digital interactive and hands-on entertainment, medieval games at the Renaissance Court Balcony, shield-making demonstrations, live medieval combat, guided tours, a Saturday afternoon concert performance by the Merrimack Valley Ringers, a Sunday afternoon “Flora Musica” presentation featuring Worcester Hills Recorder Society, and a great deal more.  Without a doubt, if your passions fancy a yen for medieval times, you’ll definitely want to check out WAM’s holiday excitement.

Okay, it all sounds amazing, but what else is happening?

Here are a few examples.

  • Gingerbread Castle Competition will take place in the Stephen Salisbury Hall from December 11 to December 18: winners will be announced at a congratulatory Awards Ceremony on December 18 at 3 P.M.
  • Champagne and Shopping, along with live music, is planned for December 15 in the museum shop.  A cash bar and complimentary gift-wrapping will be available.
  • The esteemed St Joseph’s Abbey Choir will charm listening ears with Christmas tunes and other gems on December 18 at 2 P.M. in the Renaissance Court.
  • Is it still too early to think about 2017?  Surprisingly, probably not.  Anyway, First Night Worcester events come about on December 31.  Printmaking, photography, and animal portrait workshops scratch only the surface when outlining the incredible array of fun on hand for New Year’s Eve day.

Undeniably, an abundance of cheer is underway at Worcester Art Museum.  And, all of the aforementioned delight takes place in one enchanting building.  For WAM’s complete seasonal lineup, go to www.worcesterart.org.

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