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Memorial Day Planting Tips

Memorial Day is less than two weeks away.  The first ceremonial observance (then called Declaration Day) took place in 1868.

Memorial Day Cemetary PlantingToday, we continue to commemorate the deceased men and women who served our country.  At the same time, Memorial Day has come to take on the remembrance of all people who have passed away.  In fact, many an individual is preparing to beautify a loved one’s grave or resting place.  Ordinarily, flowering plants are the decoration of choice, so let’s look at some common types.

Geranium. Geranium plants are a cemetery favorite for many reasons.  They produce large, beautiful foliage, come in assorted colors, and appear impressive, even from a distance.  A real bonus?  They do not require constant upkeep like some of the other flowers.  Actually, the more customary geraniums fare quite well in the sun and can impressively withstand dryness.  Even so, they still require periodic watering.
Impatiens. Impatiens plants come in a multitude of species.  The flowers produced are somewhat slight, but there tends to be many, so volume gives the appearance of rich fullness.  Many varieties require some shade; therefore, an overhead tree would make this blossom a good choice.  New Guinea types are colorful and delightful and often do well in the sun, providing the soil is regularly watered.
Petunia. Petunia plants are vast in their varieties.  The blossoms are small, but they are uniform and extremely plentiful.  Their identical size and abundance make them lush and vibrant.  Petunias do well in lots of light, so they are appropriate for grave sites.  The plant does not need constant watering; still, the soil should be well drained.
Marigold. Marigold plants are hearty and somewhat easy to care for.  They tend to have an impressively extended flowering time, and most of the energetic blossoms are typically gold or orange (depending on the particular species).  This strongly-scented plant (some might argue in an unpleasant way) even loves the sun!  However, the soil should commonly remain moist.
Silk Flowers. Silk flowers have improved in the past several years, although they continue to vary in quality.  Actually, some are so realistic that a number of people cannot tell synthetic from the real thing.  Going the silk route allows the flexibility of using different blossoms (e.g., roses, lilacs, lilies) without the worry of environmental factors.  Because certain people cannot regularly attend to cemetery flowers once they’ve been planted, this can be a convenient alternative.  Silk arrangements are especially fitting inside mausoleums where there is no sun.

Different burial grounds have respective rules concerning floral decorations, so be sure to check in advance.  Concurrently, planters or wreaths with holiday themes (such as Christmas or red, white and blue) may need to be removed within a week or two; therefore, keep that in mind, as well.  A final thought?  Cemeteries could reserve the right to remove shriveled flowers or fraying silk blossoms, as they interfere with the grounds’ beauty.

Memorial Day is almost here.  May we always honor the righteous men and women who endeavored to make this nation a land filled with hope.