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Minimizing the Risks

The advancements in technology have been amazing. In truth, it is somewhat difficult to imagine what our lives would be like without the latest phone or time-cutting oven or wireless machine.

Despite the conveniences of products such as these, some not-so-positive features may be attached, as well. Here are three seemingly innocuous examples.

    • Cordless phones. Okay, what would our day be like without a cordless phone? After all, we can walk around while engaging in a lengthy conversation. In fact, many chores are accomplished while utilizing these nifty-talking machines! Still, many cordless phones emit wireless microwave radiation, and this can penetrate our cells. The phone base and charging stations are especially concerning because signals originate from these locations. But you love your cordless phone? Many people do, so here are some thoughts to keep in mind if you are not yet ready to resume land line talking. One, keep the base and charging stations away from beds and other areas in the home where people tend to frequent. Two, put everyone on speaker so the phone will not be next to your head. Three, consider a low radiation cordless phone. This type of device emits microwaves only when the phone is in use.


    • Microwave ovens. Microwave ovens are so convenient! Really, you can warm your coffee when it begins to cool, heat your soup, steam your veggies, reheat leftovers, thaw frozen items, and so much more. For many people, life without a microwave is just too difficult to imagine. Even so, microwave ovens cause frictional heat, and this can impact food molecules. At the same time, they disperse radiation via electromagnetic waves. True, we get radiation from the sun, but the sun is a more natural way to confront this type of energy. Nevertheless, if you are not prepared to toss your microwave oven into a junk pile, then be sure to keep a respectable distance from the appliance while it is in use (like retreating to the next room!).


  • Cell phones. Sure, you likely guessed this one was coming because of the radiation these devices emit, albeit some may argue in small amounts. Yet, these things have changed the world! Seriously, we can talk to anyone at anytime, check our email, stay connected to friends and family, play games, listen to music, peruse reviews for the latest restaurant, etc. Leaving the house without a cell phone tucked in our pocket or purse would be like traveling backwards in time: realistically, it’s not going to happen. However, there are precautionary measures everyone can take to minimize the risks. For example, you can put people on speaker when you are talking so the phone is not abutting your head. If that means you need to move yourself to a more private area, it’s worth the trip. Even better? Text. Fortunately, young people love to text, but the rest of us need to get used to this less-hazardous option.

Technological breakthroughs have bestowed many gifts, and a few may not be what we bargained for. Even if the possibility of harm is purported to be minimal, safety measures are always wise. After all, any degree of harm is certainly not a good thing.