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New Community Living: 4 Tips to Help Seniors Adapt

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After making the big move to a senior living community, you’ve finally settled in. The boxes are unpacked, the furniture fits nicely, the decorations light up the space, and even the closet looks tidy. Everything may have gone smoothly, but you might still feel a bit nervous about settling into your new community.

You should take comfort in knowing that these feelings are normal. One of the many benefits of senior communities like Briarwood is that you have the freedom to choose the activities you want to participate in. So how can you get started?

Ideas for Getting Involved in Your New Community

There is no shortage of things to do, but living in a new place with new people may seem overwhelming. With that in mind, try these simple ways to get active in your community and meet new people:

  • Enjoy meals in the dining room. When you first start taking meals in the dining room, you will likely see residents sitting together and talking like old friends. At first, this might seem intimidating; it can be hard to reach out and talk to people who all seem to know one another. But remember, everyone here was new once too. Take the time to talk to new people and explore new relationships. You’ll soon have your own place at the table.
  • Join a club or group that interests you. Keep in mind that you have just joined a community filled with many different types of people. There are activities, groups, and clubs which cater to many different interests, which means there will be something out there that you’ll find interesting. Think about what you like and find the group that focuses on your interests. Consider joining a book group or movie club. When you focus on activities that are pleasing to you, you form networks with peers who share your interests.
  • Take an exercise class. Exercise is great for the mind, body, and soul. In fact, various studies have found that regular workouts can help discourage a medley of maladies. Keeping active can be personally gratifying, but did you know that structured exercise classes are also a great way to form group bonds? That makes these classes an excellent place to make new friends! NOTE: Do not begin an exercise program without first receiving approval from your doctor.
  • Attend community events. Diverse event opportunities abound in an active senior community like Briarwood. You’ll see events like operas, Broadway-like plays, concerts, art exhibits, festivals, holiday celebrations, and more. Pay attention to what’s going on in the community and make an effort to attend the events. And when they happen off campus, consider taking the community transportation that is provided. Sharing a ride is a great way to spend time and bond with other residents.

Adjusting to a new social setting can sometimes seem a little awkward. Still, when multiple communal opportunities foster such friendly networking, the unease quickly fades. To find out more about the Briarwood lifestyle, go to https://www.briarwoodretirement.com/about/

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