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Nine Resolutions to Consider in 2009

When a New Year begins, some of us compile a list of pledges.  Often times our best intentions take a while to be realized; still, the seed is planted.  Then, when we are better prepared for the undertaking, we revisit old promises.  The list below is a set of resolutions we may wish to consider in 2009.

  1. Overlook the petty things.  Minor inconveniences should not be the reason to hurt someone’s feelings or mar an otherwise happy evening.  Try to give people (and yourself) some slack
  2. Forego most impulsive purchases (particularly large ones). Buying a stylish tie or new lipstick is typically harmless.  Yet, multiple spontaneous purchases, especially on pricey items, could contribute to monetary concerns and usually do not provide lasting fulfillment.
  3. Smile gently. Even if someone has an unkind face, smile.  A smile is free, and this simple act can transform a day from dreary to brilliant.
  4. Periodically call and/or visit an elderly relative or friend.  The elderly feel valued in knowing people care (even if they never let on they are pleased).
  5. Forgive your parents and/or children.  Sometimes we observe the weaknesses of our loved ones in our own reflection; we shouldn’t.  Forgive, and hopefully others will forgive us for our failings.
  6. Follow up on an interest.  Maybe research the family tree or study a new language.  Some type of learning should always have a place in our lives.
  7. Don’t neglect your needs.  Some individuals continually give of themselves, but they do so at the cost of their own well-being.  If you disregard yourself, it will be more laborious to help others.
  8. Meditate or pray.  Regularly take the time to reflect beyond the immediate surroundings; it can help us appreciate life and its treasures.
  9. Be thankful.  Despite the fact that our neighbor might have a larger home or better car, many Americans live more comfortably than others in the world.  Let us be grateful for all our gifts.

Where we are in our lives, and what stage we are experiencing in our growth, often times dictate what we allow ourselves to see.  A New Year will arrive independent of our development.  Within our means, may we always strive to value our blessings.  Happy New Year!

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