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Post-Election Stress Syndrome

It’s probably fair to say that more than a few people have been politically on edge in the past month or so.  And, although the election is behind us, nerves still seem to be teetering, whether voters are pleased with the results or not.

How can we reduce at least some of the unease?

Here are several ways to reset the senses.

  • Let there be light. Light often elevates the spirit, even when individuals are already in a good place.  So, pull up the shades, burn a pleasingly scented candle, let the sun’s rays shine on your face, flame up the fireplace, or perhaps put up holiday lights a bit earlier this year.
  • Buy fresh-cut flowers. A heavenly bouquet of blossoms not only makes a room’s surroundings appear cheerier, but it also delivers a divine fragrance to the entire area.  In fact, it’s rather easy to become enchanted just by glancing at the perfumed wonders.
  • Turn on the stereo. It’s hard to stay unsettled when our favorite tunes are playing in the background.  Hence, if classical, jazz, rock, gospel, easy listening, bluegrass, country, or another type of music is your thing, then let it ring.
  • Meditate or pray. We typically achieve an amazing measure of tranquility when we rise above humankind cares and enter a peaceful space.  Actually, when we return to the world at large, our burdens mystically feel lighter.
  • Make a favorite meal. Cooking can be pretty therapeutic for certain people.  Thus, if preparing sumptuous food soothes your soul, it’s wise to indulge.  But cuisine prep is not up your alley?  Then visit a hideaway restaurant and order your favorite dish.
  • Schedule a massage. Let’s face it, sometimes tension does not go away on its own.  During times like this, a professional masseuse or masseur can help work the kinks out.  Which type of massage is best?  Swedish is great for stress relief and relaxation, while deep tissue focuses on muscle tightness and painful spots.
  • Move. Inactivity rarely alleviates edgy energy, while movement diminishes angst and bestows a feeling of accomplishment. For these reasons, take a walk around the neighborhood, get on the treadmill, or make regular trips to the gym: experts almost always agree your body and mind will thank you.  Note: Do not begin an exercise program without first checking with your doctor.

Our senses tend to determine our level of contentment.  Fortunately, stimulating them in a positive way helps put nearly everything in clearer perspective. For additional worry-reduction thoughts, go to www.brainphysics.com.

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