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Practical (Yet Fashionable) Clothing for the Nursing Home Resident

Mother and daughter shopping for comfortable clothingWhen loved ones move to senior communal environments, they still want to put their best foot forward concerning their appearance. Subsequently, the clothes they wear often influences how they feel. Nonetheless, when mobility limitations are present, smart attire can become more challenging. Here are some apparel ideas that will help keep your loved one feeling comfortable and looking stylish at the same time.

  • Sweat suits. A number of sweat suits are cozy and versatile. They are suitable for lounging, going outdoors, watching TV, reading, playing games, wearing to physical therapy, etc. The elastic waistband and flexible nature to the fabric is great when enacting almost any movement. And, you can choose dark colors, bright colors, geometric designs, prints, lighter materials (nylon), heavier materials (velour), and so much more. Yes, some versions look like a traditional sweat suit, while others are less casual and quite appropriate in a more formal environment (like restaurant). Naturally, the better the quality, the more wear your loved one will enjoy!
  • Dresses. Countless women feel feminine in a pretty dress, especially on special occasions. Still, certain dresses can be stiff, scratchy, awkward, or even difficult to slip on. Because of this, look for comfortable materials with vibrant colors and/or interesting designs: your mother will brighten up the room! At the same time, be certain the opening is large enough to fit over your loved one’s head. Some senior-oriented designers even negate buttons and instead use snaps and Velcro so everything is easier to put on and take off.
  • Slacks, blouses, sweaters, and shirts. Many seniors prefer stretchy pants with elastic waistbands. At one time, the selection was limited. Now, there are many fashionable styles to choose from. Blouses, shirts, and sweaters also come in various fabrics, styles, and colors, and many offer snaps and Velcro. There’s even an innovative line of back-zipper jumpsuits designed for dementia patients who are prone to taking off their clothing. The jumpsuit looks just like a two-piece outfit but is more difficult to remove. This kind of garment, known as adaptive clothing, is typically sold at specialty outlets. For adaptive clothing resources, go to www.disability-resource.com/adaptive-clothing/.

When picking out nursing home attire, keep in mind that cotton is wonderful for the spring and summer because it breathes. Heavier cotton garments are great in the winter, as well. Wool can be itchy for certain people; therefore, try to find a less-irritating material or consider limiting this fabric to the colder months.

Senior comfort and fashion? Of course!