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How to Prepare for Retirement Community Living at Briarwood

retirement community living

So, you’re ready to move to a retirement community but still have a thousand thoughts circulating throughout your head.  Undoubtedly, moving can seem overwhelming and such thoughts are normal.

Certainly, you have a lot on your plate, so you’re trying to get as many to-dos in order as you can.  Here are two suggestions to consider to help you prepare for retirement community living, and even before listing your property with a real estate agent.

Give away valued possessions you do not want to take with you.

We’ve already talked about tossing items that are no longer usable, donating functional ones to charity, and now you’re presumably left with several treasures that you’d like to delegate to loved ones.  Well, assigning family members your cherished possessions may seem pretty straightforward, but occasionally such things can get tricky.  Naturally, when only one child is involved, it tends to be a lot easier.  Nevertheless, if you have multiple children, you might wish to implement a bit of strategy to circumvent friction.

Some ideas?  Okay, unless there are steadfast rules in your family regarding the passing along of heirlooms (e.g., prized books, precious jewelry, beloved collectibles, antique furniture, oil paintings), think about gathering all involved parties together and lay out the belongings you wish to bequeath.  Then, perhaps divide the items into categories and delegate a first pick arrangement based on age or a random number system.  To avoid hard feelings, if the oldest was first pick in a category of his or her choice, consider having the middle child choose first in the second category, and then the youngest child choose first in the third, etc.  You’ll likely get a sense of fairness as you plan your approach, and your children will expectantly feel grateful in knowing that you are only trying to be just.

Make needed improvements.

You’ve already imagined that you are a buyer, now it’s time to put your seller hat on.  Clearly, you do not want to expend large sums of money in renovations that you’ll never get back, but there are certain improvements experts assert are key if you want your home to sell in a timely manner.  For example, when needed, lighten up the surroundings by giving the walls a fresh coat of paint (white or neutral colors are best).  If the wallpaper is peeling yet salvageable, have the edges repaired.  Replace all worn, rusted, or out-of-date fixtures and knobs, and be sure to pay special attention to needed kitchen and bathrooms upgrades, as these areas typically produce the most bang for your buck.

Regarding the outdoors?  Focus on curb appeal.  Think about it, when outsiders visit your home, they see the front yard, walkway, and porch before they see anything else.  Therefore, be sure the lawn is mowed, all bushes are groomed, and nothing disorderly obstructs the pathway.  Decorate the area with fresh flowers, and perhaps place a silk arrangement on the front door to create an elegant yet homey feel.  Foremost, when at all possible, ask family members for help before renovations even enter the planning stage.  Certain relatives may possess the skills needed to do some of the work, or they might be able to help you better identify qualified professionals.

Relocating to a vibrant senior community like Briarwood produces a discernible degree of excitement for many seniors.  After all, they live independently, are free from most daily chores, indulge in delectable meals, and regularly possess multiple intellectual and social opportunities to engage in.  In short, their lifestyle greatly improves.

Still, the transition to such a community progresses more smoothly when pre-move particulars have adequately been addressed.  For additional tips, call a Briarwood staff member at 508-852-2670.

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