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Reflective Thoughts for a New Year

Clearly, 2016 is wrapping up and a New Year is seizing the scene.  With the year-end changes come a sizable assortment of hopes, desires, wishes, and dreams.  Hence, as we enter 2017, here are seventeen thoughts to ponder.

  1. Every now and then, forget you’re a grown-up and have fun like a child.
  2. The squeaky wheel may get the oil, but quiet ones need attention, too.
  3. When we channel positive thoughts, positive actions customarily follow.
  4. A simple smile can lift a sinking spirit.
  5. An attitude of gratitude bequeaths joy to the giver and receiver.
  6. It’s more difficult to assist others when our own needs are being neglected.
  7. Choose to let your inner light shine, especially when darkness sweeps over the landscape.
  8. When you’re happy, go with it.  Anyway, you should be happy.
  9. There are times we should give and times we should let others do the giving.
  10. Live your own reality: especially if it does not hurt anyone, strengthens your self-worth, and could even help creation.
  11. Encouraging words possess the extraordinary ability to transform disillusioned hearts.
  12. Anyone can lecture, but lessons endure when we embody what we preach.
  13. Kindness is free, life altering, and invaluable.
  14. If you believe it’s wrong, heed the warning: your conscience is usually right.
  15. Your heart tends to be an insightful messenger: listen to it.
  16. Learn from the past, plan for the future, but decide to live life fully today.
  17. Imagine how wonderful the world would be if humans could individually and collectively choose love over hatred and fear.

Okay, so secretly you hold dreams for 2017?  Remember, many a dreamer has changed our surroundings for the better.  Therefore, do not dismiss impassioned ideas and have a Happy New Year!

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