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Remaining Independent in Retirement: How Briarwood Can Help

remaining independent in retirementFor many seniors, transitioning into a retirement community is a difficult and confusing time. As keeping up with home maintenance, cooking, and cleaning gets more tiresome, seniors may realize that the time has come to downsize and move to a retirement community, but they fear of losing their independence. Many seniors are used to doing things for themselves; they’ve done so for their whole lives, and moving to a retirement community may feel like a personal sacrifice. At Briarwood, we understand that remaining independent in retirement is very important for our residents, and we strive to create an environment where residents can feel that they’ve kept their independence.

Remaining Independent in Retirement

Briarwood’s mission is to enhance the well-being, independence, and personal fulfillment of its residents and other seniors by providing high-quality, coordinated housing, health, wellness, and supportive services consistent with the caring spirit of the founding churches.

In the spirit of our mission, we want all of our residents to feel comfortable and happy with their living situation, which is why we provide varying levels of assistance, activities, and maintenance in a warm, welcoming environment. Here are some of the ways Briarwood helps you maintain your independence.

Your Own Living Space

One fear that many seniors have when making a move is that they will lose their privacy. Will I have to have a roommate? Will staff be coming into my room at all hours of the day and night?

We know how important it is to have a sense of privacy in your own home, and the apartments at Briarwood are designed to give you that privacy and independence. Living spaces at Briarwood allow you to have your own space to spend time alone and to decorate as you like.

There are two types of living options: independent living and assisted living.

In both living options, you will have the freedom and privacy to do as you please without people barging into your home all the time. Both options come with a kitchenette which gives you the freedom to cook your own meals, as well as a private bath.

Freedom to Make Decisions

The difference between assisted and independent living options is that assisted living comes with additional support for seniors who need them. These include things such as medication reminders, assistance with grooming and dressing, and anything else that you may need assistance with.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that these supports are customized to the resident. You will receive assistance at a level you are comfortable with, and you and your family are free to make these decisions, keeping you in control.

Independence Within a Community

While maintaining your independence is a vital part of moving to a retirement home, don’t forget that you’re moving into a community! You’ll have the time and freedom to be independent, but that doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Briarwood offers classes and activities that allow our residents to engage in their own interests with other members of the community.

Opportunities for Exercise

Exercise is a vital part of staying healthy as you age; there are many physical and mental benefits of staying active, which is why Briarwood provides so many opportunities for movement. Residents have the opportunity to choose a physical activity program that suits their needs. Whether that means weekly pool walking classes at the Greendale YMCA (where residents have full access), exercise or yoga classes, workout machines at our on-site gym, or simply walking around Briarwood’s scenic outdoor trails, every resident has the opportunity to stay active. As a bonus, these classes provide an excellent opportunity to get to know your fellow residents!

Activities Abound

No matter your interests, you can always find something to do at Briarwood. Activities, events, and classes are scheduled every day of the week! Take part in day trips around Worcester, concerts on and off the premises, movie matinees, jewelry making, coffee hours, book clubs, tabletop bowling, shopping trips, woodworking classes, and more – there is always something to do at Briarwood. Many of these activities are even run by residents!

Keeping Your Independence in Retirement

We at Briarwood understand the stress that comes with moving to a retirement community, which is why we strive to create the best atmosphere possible for our residents. We want you to have the freedom to remain independent – but we also want you to experience our vibrant, loving community. Are you considering making the move to Briarwood? Start by joining our priority list to secure your spot in our community! We look forward to speaking with you.

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