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Senior Resources

There are a number of elder programs available to assist individuals 60 and over.  Some are need based, while others are open to many seniors.  In our current technological age, obtaining information has never been easier.  The list below outlines some resources that might be useful.

  • Legal Services.  This program provides Legal Assistance for qualifying seniors.  The agency itself determines need and prioritizes accordingly.  For additional info about Legal Services Program for the Elderly (and the three underlined programs below), call 1-800-872-0166.
  • Guardianship.  Certain seniors may need outside individuals to make important decisions on their behalf (perhaps because they are incapacitated or at risk).  The Guardianship Program, through the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, contracts with several agencies to be of protective assistance.
  • Nutrition.  Nutrition is crucial for everyone, particularly the elderly.  Sadly, some older individuals do not have enough food or cannot afford healthy choices.  Each year the Massachusetts Nutrition Program serves many meals to seniors throughout the state.
  • Home Care.  Some seniors could benefit from transportation assistance, meal preparation, shopping services, etc.  The Home Care Program identifies eligible seniors and helps them with certain day-to-day responsibilities.

NOTE:  The above information is based on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Citizen’s Guide to State Services (www.sec.state.ma.us/cis/ciscig/)

Other programs, such as Prescription Advantage, are also available.  Prescription Advantage provides qualified individuals with prescription drug benefits.  For more information, call 1-800-243-4636.

MassMedLine, a service that offers information about medications and their side effects, is also helpful.  If you have a question about a drug you are taking, call 1-866-633-1617.

Senior Scene, a cable program based out of Belmont, features various topics geared toward elders.  Call your local cable provider to find out if your network carries the show.

Fortunately, there are many resources obtainable to seniors.  For further information about this topic, access www.mcoaonline.com (The Massachusetts Council on Aging).

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