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Services Provided by Assisted Living Facilities at Briarwood

There are a lot of different reasons that seniors move into assisted living communities. Many require assistance with daily tasks or are simply looking for a deeper sense of community than they can achieve while living on their own. We often find that many of our residents begin their search for an assisted living home because they are struggling to keep up with home maintenance tasks. Taking care of a home can be difficult, and maintenance services provided by assisted living facilities can be a big relief. That’s why our staff at Briarwood strives to provide necessary maintenance and care services to all of our residents.

Maintenance Services Provided by Assisted Living Facilities

At Briarwood, we understand that your needs change as you get older. You don’t want to spend your time worrying about your home’s upkeep – so we do that for you! These are the maintenance services that are included in the monthly cost of living in our assisted living apartments.

  • Appliances. We provide home appliances, so you don’t need to worry about hauling your refrigerator to your new home. This makes downsizing a lot simpler too – it’s easy to get rid of your old appliances when you know they will be provided to you. And if your appliances begin to act up, our maintenance staff is prepared to repair or replace them.
  • Grounds maintenance. Outdoor upkeep is hard! You may have always wanted the perfectly mowed lawn or a beautiful garden, but that’s a lot of work! Leave the outdoor work to us. Our maintenance staff mows the lawn, mulches, and even plants flowers in outdoor community areas, creating a beautiful and inviting look and feel to our campus. Even better – you won’t ever have to worry about shoveling snow again! Snow and ice removal are done by our qualified maintenance staff.
  • Housekeeping services. Housekeeping is provided to all of our residents, but different levels of services are offered in assisted and independent living arrangements. In assisted living apartments, services are weekly. This includes various housekeeping tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, and laundry and linen services. In independent living arrangements, annual heavy house cleaning is included. This involves the deep-cleaning tasks like window washing, grime removal, and carpet cleaning. And if that’s not enough to meet your needs, additional housekeeping services are available upon request.
  • On-call maintenance staff. Regular maintenance is important, but sometimes things come up that fall outside the scope of these services. In that case, we have maintenance staff that is prepared to help you with problems as they arise, so you never have to worry about maintenance.

Personal Care Services Provided by Briarwood

Maintenance is important, but it’s certainly not the only thing that seniors need additional help with. At Briarwood, we strive to create an engaging and supportive community, which is why we provide additional care services for residents in our assisted living apartments. These supports will depend on the individual needs of each resident, but common ones include:

  • Personal care assistance. Many seniors find that personal care becomes more difficult with age. That’s why Briarwood aids are available to help residents with daily morning and evening tasks, such as bathing, grooming, and dressing.
  • Medication reminders. Taking daily medications is vital for many of our residents, but it can often be a difficult task to remember. Briarwood aids provide reminders to ensure that the right medications are taken at the right time.
  • Activities – and activity reminders. Staying social is an essential part of assisted living, and it’s a piece that we value greatly at Briarwood. Our activity staff members ensure that there are activities and events running seven days a week, so residents can take part in programs they enjoy – and form social connections while they do it. And to make sure no one is left out, residents are reminded about events, activities, and meals. While attendance to these activities is by no means required, reminders help residents to feel welcome.

Services and the Bigger Picture

Briarwood strives to create a positive experience for all of our residents, which is why we think maintenance and personal care services are vital. When you don’t have to worry about these tasks, you’re free to spend time in your community attending activities and events, eating meals in our dining room, and forming social connections with your fellow residents.

We take pride in the maintenance services and sense of community that we provide at Briarwood. Are you thinking about moving to an assisted living facility to reduce the stress of maintaining your home? Come visit us at Briarwood. We’d be happy to show you our facility, introduce you to our staff, and serve you dinner in our dining room.

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