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Spring Renewal

Spring is officially within our reach, and accompanying this much-anticipated period are new expectations.

Why do we have these?  Because a season synonymous with renewal makes us think about ways we can renew our own lives.Happy senior couple enjoying the spring

But how can we spring clean ourselves?  Here are some thoughts.

  • Attack postponed activities.  Maybe you have considered making library visits a part of your weekly routine: set a date and begin.  Perhaps you want to participate in a book club: explore local opportunities.  Possibly you thought about playing tennis: learn.  Or, maybe, you want to enroll in a yoga class, pick up the instrument that has sat in the closet for years, join a weight loss group, buy a book about planting, etc.  Whatever it is that you want to do but have put off, make a commitment to give it an honest shot.  You may or you may not like it, but at least you will have tried.  Activities keep us stimulated and provide our minds with rejuvenating thoughts.  And, when we are happy with ourselves, we tend to be happier with others.
  • Eat Healthy.  Yes, we’ve already explored the benefits of eating healthy, but it’s a topic that warrants attention.  The reason?  Food choices have a direct impact on the well being of our bodies.  Undeniably, most of us have heard about the man or woman who consumed all the junk he or she desired and lived happily to a ripe old age.  Many of these stories are myth, but even if some are true, this model is certainly not the norm.  What is healthy eating?  A diet rich in fiber, fruits, vegetables (particularly the leafy, green kind), and lean proteins (think fish, fermented soy, beans, and skinless chicken).  Naturally, don’t forget to regularly take in liquids, as well.  The best possible choice?  Purified water.
  • Exercise. Opinions regarding which exercises reap benefits seem to change with time.  For example, health gurus used to frequently promote Jumping Jacks, but that seems to be a thing of the past.  A current mantra?  Well, it appears that short workouts really do make a difference (at one time we were told they were useless).  That’s certainly not to suggest that 45 to 60 minutes of treadmill dedication four to six times per week will not produce impressive results.  Even so, that kind of commitment seems daunting to some people.  Ten to 20 minute workouts are now gaining favor, and some fitness types even espouse benefits to certain 4-minute workouts.  Naturally, the respective activity will have a direct impact on efficacy, but short is now long on effectiveness in some instances. (NOTE:  Never begin an exercise routine without doctor approval).

Other spring cleaning thoughts?  A new hairstyle, brighter colors, group travel, poetry readings, college classes, and self-improvement books.

Yes, spring is almost here, so, let’s go!

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