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The Rose and the Robin

When Briarwood resident Robert D. Johnson read one of his original poems at a community poetry reading, the gathering was stunned.  A quiet, thoughtful gentleman with an engineering background, Bob’s poetry talents were a surprise, but since then, we’ve learned that he has written beautiful, metaphysical poetry for many years and has been published.  Known fondly as the “Poet Laureate of Briarwood,” Bob recently wrote a special poem to celebrate resident volunteerism at Briarwood.  His poem below was published in Mature Living magazine in 2009.


The Rose and the Robin


From rugged branches roses bloom;

The essence of a garden’s womb.

So noble paints the Artist’s brush,

That even robins have to blush.


What’s more grand than a rose in June?

Why, mid the thorn, the birds have hewn

A nest so intricate to weave,

When first I spied, could not believe.


As I approached, its nester flew,

And then I saw three eggs, bright blue.

I kept my distance, after all,

And let the nearby grass grow tall.


The hatchlings, open-mouthed, were fed,

Until they grew and soon they fled.

So while the world the robins roam

The rambler rose must soar at home.


Robert D. Johnson

Previously published

June 2009 Mature Living magazine

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