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4 Things to Look for in a Retirement Community Campus

retirement community campus

If you’ve started considering retirement communities, you know that they all have something different to offer. There’s a lot that goes into selecting a retirement community—you want to know what your living arrangement will be, what types of activities will be offered, and what’s close by. But you should spend just as much time considering the retirement community campus.

You want to live somewhere beautiful, but that can mean a lot of things. What should you actually look for?

Things to Look for in a Retirement Community Campus

1. Room to Move

Want to keep active, or do you simply enjoy a stroll through nature? Keep an eye out for opportunities to walk around. A large campus may have designated walking paths, but don’t discount small campuses; they may be located near parks or other areas where you can spend time in the great outdoors.

At Briarwood, our large campus includes several walking paths. Go for a leisurely walk with some friends or get some exercise in. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy the scenery.

2. Space to Spend Quality Time with Friends

When you select a retirement community, you’re choosing a new home filled with new people. When you get to know your neighbors, you’re sure to make great, lasting friendships. You’ll want ample space to spend time with your close friends, so what does the campus offer? Ask about communal areas when you tour potential communities. Most of them will probably have community living rooms and activity spaces, but what about outside?

Briarwood’s spacious campus is designed with our residents in mind. Stroll through the campus with your friends or enjoy an afternoon in one of the picturesque gazebos scattered across the grounds. Wherever you go, there’s sure to be room for you and a few friends to enjoy the sunshine.

3. A Place for Solitude

It’s great to feel like part of a community, but sometimes you need a bit of alone time. If you want a place where you can privately reflect, read a book, or just enjoy some fresh air, keep that in mind when you tour facilities. If you don’t see any obvious private areas, ask a tour guide or staff member about them.

At Briarwood, there’s plenty of space to enjoy some quiet time. Cottage residents have their own screened in porch, sunroom, or terrace (depending on the floor plan). All residents can benefit from the numerous quiet areas on the campus, including those walking paths and gazebos. Whatever you decide you need, Briarwood has plenty of room for both socializing and privacy.

#4 A Change of Scenery (Or at Least a Change of Season)

Weather patterns and seasons vary drastically depending on where you live. In some parts of the world, it stays cold for most of the year. In others, it’s always warm. While everyone has their own weather preferences, we think that Briarwood gets the best of both worlds. Because we’re located in Massachusetts, our beautiful campus offers a full four seasons.

retirement community campus

The spring rain brings bright, colorful flowers to our gardens.

During the summer, residents stay outside for hours enjoying the sunshine and warmth.

Fall in New England comes with some of the most beautiful, colorful fall foliage in the country (and Briarwood is surrounded by changing trees!).

Even winter snow can be a welcome sight when you don’t have to shovel it!

Find a Community with a Great Campus

A retirement community that cares about its residents is one that cares about its grounds. Don’t compromise when you choose your new home; find one that regularly maintains the retirement community campus, as a beautiful environment is one aspect that makes a community truly great. The best part? You get to enjoy a beautiful campus without doing the landscaping and yard work yourself, which lifts a big burden off of you.

You’ve begun the work of considering different retirement communities. Have you begun to prepare for the big move? Download your free guide, How to Prepare for a Retirement Community, to make sure you have taken all the right steps on your path to your new home.

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