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Traditional Gifts with a Somewhat Different Twist

Traditional and Exciting Mother's Day GiftsMother’s Day is rapidly approaching, but some people are still unsure as to what to choose for a gift.  Maybe they have considered flowers or clothing but feel these presents have lost their luster through the years. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that common gifts can be presented in imaginative ways; and when this happens, they become exciting and fresh!

Here are three “traditional” thoughts.

  • Innovative Apron. So your mom loves to cook?  How about a trendy apron?  This kitchen attire has made a fashionable comeback.  Yes, the everyday standbys are still available, but chic styles are more popular than ever.  Actually, some are so impressive they may upstage the meal!  A few ideas?  Aprons with lacey frills, aprons with bold prints, aprons with unique themes, little black dress aprons, or even animal print styles.  And accompaniments that complement this present?  Perhaps a can or two of San Marzano tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, decadent dark chocolates, premium nuts, top-quality balsamic vinegar, marinated artichoke hearts, Beaujolais wine (it’s soft, fruity, and has a wonderfully delicate finish), jumbo pimento-stuffed olives, and any other delectable treat your mom may love to have but stops short of buying because she believes the item is too expensive.
  • Favorite-scented candles. Perhaps your mom has a medley of smells she enjoys.  If so, then consider an assortment of candles.  Why?  She can inhale coveted fragrances for the next half year or so.  For example, blueberries might be her burning choice in May, lilacs in June, ocean air in July, hydrangeas in August, and apples in September.  Candles come in different sizes, so you could choose medium or small jars to cut down on cost.  And candle accessories?  You can get crackled or floral candle shades, candle plates, candle charms, and even matching votive holders; these accompaniments provide an eye-catching backdrop for almost any room.  The aesthetic pleasure, coupled with the various aromas, will make Mom feel as if she is breathing in a piece of paradise.
  • Artistic photo. Okay, this one takes a little ingenuity, but once you get going, it’s actually kind of fun.  First, find a cherished 2 by 4 photo of your mom (or you and your mom); you can always minimize a larger picture on a copy machine to get the right size.  Next, buy an attractive 8 by 10 frame.  On a decorative piece of 8 by 10 paper, type (or write) the traits you believe your mom demonstrates; be sure to leave a 2 by 4 space empty in the middle.  Some attribute thoughts?  Caring, generous, ambitious, loving, kind, resourceful, benevolent, dynamic, selfless, noble, compassionate, virtuous, strong, and lovely.  If you are using the computer, be sure to choose ornamental font.  Next, glue the photo in the 2 by 4 space and place the ensemble in the frame.  Wow, not only will your mom possess a treasured photo encased in a beautiful setting, but she will also be reminded of the amazing way you see her.  This present is especially fitting for moms in nursing homes.  One reason?  She can showcase the gift for all her friends to see.

Mother’s Day is May 8, but there’s still time to get the woman you love a gratifying gift.  Remember, however, the present she is apt to cherish the most is your time.  So, with that thought in mind, Happy Mother’s Day!