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Volunteering at Your Local Nursing Home

Some nursing home residents do not have children or close relatives living nearby.  Subsequently, they rarely receive visitors.  Even the most highly-regarded nursing home can be a lonely place without outside support.  Volunteers assist residents in staying connected to the community and lend a crucial hand in filling their human need for companionship.

The types of duties volunteers perform can vary.  Some individuals utilize their talents by singing, while others play musical instruments.  Some exhibit their culinary acumen in cooking demonstrations, while others connect by leading activities such as bingo, cards, newsletter writing, informational seminars, or prayer groups.

One-on-one volunteerism in a nursing home is also important.  These individuals might share conversation with a resident, take walks in or around the facility, play board games, read books, help create a memory board with valued mementos such as greeting cards, photos, and pictures.  Almost any wholesome hobby can be shared, and residents enjoy the activity and savor the companionship.

Volunteering in a nursing home could also mean assisting the staff.  Duties such as meal allocation, transporting patients from one part of the facility to another, or perhaps even passing out juice, provide much appreciated service.  Nursing home personnel are very grateful when volunteers assist them.

If you’ve decided you might like to become a volunteer, the information below should provide some helpful tips to get started.

  • Perform a search of nursing home facilities in your local area (maybe using the Internet or phone book).
  • Select several nursing homes that seem interesting to you and call or visit.  Make sure to inquire as to the volunteer programs available and training (if necessary).
  • Provide the staff with a schedule of your availability.  Some volunteers work once a month.  Other individuals work once a week.  While a few work several times a week.
  • If it is within your ability, keep to your schedule.  Both the resident and nursing home staff look forward to your arrival.
  • If something beyond your control should arise, alert the facility.

Volunteering reaps numerous rewards not only for the nursing home resident but also the unpaid helper.  It is very gratifying to know that you have shared your talent, knowledge, and time, with someone in need.  Volunteers are essential to any community because they set an example of selflessness and love.  Now what can be more inspiring than that?

To volunteer at Knollwood Nursing Center, we can be reached weekdays from 9-6 at 508-853-6910 or weekends from 9-3. We’re always looking for volunteers!