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The 4 Biggest Reasons Why People Move to Senior Communities

why people move to senior living communities

Some seniors seem resistant to the thought of selling the family home.  Yet, when the children grow up and move away, household responsibilities can become more onerous than pleasurable.

Confusion often accompanies the “should I move” dilemma, especially when precious memories reside in the beloved domicile.  Nonetheless, it’s vital to keep in mind that a new beginning is unfolding.

Here are some of the biggest reasons why people decide to more to senior communities.

  • Home is too big to care for.  When our families are growing, a larger house is a blessing, as nearly everyone wants their own space.  Each individual normally has a set of chores, and the family works together as a team (albeit, sometimes a flawed one).  When the children leave, though, home repairs/maintenance rest with one or two people.  Naturally, all the space is still there, but upkeep can be difficult and repairs can be costly.  Actually, a fair number of mid-sixties Baby Boomers say they undoubtedly favor independence over spaciousness when it comes to their homes.
  • Yard work becomes daunting. Even when seniors downsize to a smaller place, there are still some chores to do inside the home (unless, of course, you have the resources to afford a round-the-clock maid).  Still, many people 65 and over want freedom from the ongoing labor that accompanies yard work.  For example, mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes and hedges, seeding the grass, plowing the driveway, shoveling the walkway, planting and watering the flowers, etc., no longer holds discernible appeal.
  • Feelings of loneliness. When we’re younger, our days seem jam-packed.  Short of stereotyping, we’re helping the children with their homework, working, driving daughters to dance lessons, taking sons to baseball practice, trying to squeeze in workout sessions, and a good deal more.  Conversely, when we become older, our schedules tend to lighten up.  While this can be a good thing, loneliness sometimes surfaces, as many seniors want to remain active but feel their prospects to participate in activities are not as plentiful as before.  Unfortunately, this can lead to feelings of isolation and sometimes even depression.
  • Loss of friendships. Despite the hectic schedules we had in our 20’s 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s, we still made room for friendships.  Ladies gathered with friends at pre-planned meetups, while guys bonded with buddies at assorted sporting events.  Yet, cherished connections can modify as the years go on: friends move away, a spouse might pass, and neighbors may keep more to themselves.  When such changes occur, loss could feel like the central component filling a home’s substantial space.

For some, leaving the family residence may seem like a melancholy conclusion to a vibrant story.  Keep in mind, though, an exciting narrative is in the process of being written, and it may greatly improve your quality of life.

Next time we will look at assorted thoughts to consider as you ponder selling your abode.  But until then, greetings from the Briarwood Community!


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