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Worcester Ecotarium

Wild Things - Exploring Nature and Science

Activities abound in Worcester, especially during the warmer months.  A local indoor/outdoor favorite to consider is EcoTarium.  True, children tend to love the place, but all ages enjoy the experience.


Here is a bit of history regarding the beloved site.

In 1825, EcoTarium opened its doors as the Worcester Lyceum of Natural History.  Fourteen men founded the enterprise in the hopes of encouraging a better understanding of the natural world.

In 1884, Worcester Lyceum of Natural History was incorporated as the Worcester Natural History Society.  Several live animals graced the premises, and even Henry David Thoreau stopped by while spending time in Worcester.

In 1971, following an increase in scientific exhibits and site relocation with 60 donated acres of land, the museum was renamed Worcester Science Center.  In 1986, with the purpose of fostering a more inclusionary name, it became New England Science Center.

In 1998, as an 18 million dollar expansion was underway, the museum would become EcoTarium.  The private, non-profit institution continued with its unwavering commitment to nature and science study.  Since that time, additional projects have taken place.

In 2014, EcoTarium’s Alden Digital Planetarium revealed a five-year affiliation with National Geographic.  Afterward, the theater was rebranded Alden Digital Planetarium: A National Geographic Theater.  Actually, Alden Digital Planetarium is the first in New England to boast this kind of association.  In fact, there are little more than a handful of theaters around the country that can lay claim to this type of partnership.


What’s available at EcoTarium?

Well, in addition to the more established science and nature exhibits, here are some of the seasonal events taking place.

Soundtastic Saturdays.  This stimulating display features natural life sounds.  At the same time, instruments and other tools that create tones and sound will be explored.

Wild Music.  This interactive exhibit highlights a medley of sounds found in nature.  Hear the melody birds create as they rise in the morning, or marvel at the way bullfrogs perform in harmony.

Father’s Day.  Visit on Father’s Day and dads get in for free.

Tree Canopy Walk.  Want to observe outdoor life in the canopy like a scientist?  Then check out the Tree Canopy Walk.

Vibram, Timescape, and Meadow Trails.  Naturally, the trails are a year-round fixture.  Nevertheless, they’re especially pleasurable when the weather is warm.  Impressively, each trail has its own distinctive beauty.  For example, the Vibram Trail loops around a secluded pond, the Timescape Trail offers a glimpse into thousands of years of history, and the Meadow Trail affords visitors a peek at long-ago flora.


EcoTarium?  Sure, the place is consistently amazing, but there’s even more to like when the colder temperatures go away.

Hence, grab the grandchildren (if you’re so inclined) and head out to this charming locale.   For particulars (such as cost, exhibit details, and hours of operation), go to http://www.ecotarium.org/

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