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Advice for Retirement: Packing for Senior Living


It’s finally time to downsize and move into an independent living community. You’ve done the legwork of finding the right place to make your new home, and maybe even selling your house. Moving day is quickly approaching. You’re certainly eager to settle into your new residence but still feel a bit anxious regarding the transition. Surely you’ve given away a fair number of extraneous goods, but many articles remain. How can you decide what you’ll need?

Our Advice for Retirement Moving & Packing

Undoubtedly, only you can decide which belongings you should take with you, but here are several ideas regarding the types of items you might want to carry over to an active, independent living community like Briarwood.

  • Bedroom. If you’re like most people, your bed is a beloved sanctuary. Why? Well, we spend roughly 1/3 of our lives sleeping in it. Therefore, unless your bed is too big or uncomfortable, it will almost certainly travel with you to your new home. You’ll also want to ship at least one nightstand and dresser with the bed to store your personal effects. And if the room accommodates all of your bedroom furniture, you may even think about sending the entire set. But keep in mind that you are downsizing; it may be wise to take only the pieces you will need.
  • Kitchen. Some kitchens are not big enough to fit a large dining room set, but oftentimes the space is more than sufficient to accommodate a small to medium table, some chairs, and a smaller hutch. Additionally, unless your community doesn’t allow them, you’ll likely want to transport kitchen accouterments. These might include a microwave, coffee maker, slow cooker, mixer, colander, serving bowl and/or platter, dishes, cups/glasses, silverware, pots and pans, dish towels, and a toaster oven.
  • Living room. The living room is a place where many individuals settle their thoughts after an active day has passed and unwind with a good book or movie. Because of this, you may wish to make the area as homey and familiar as possible. Items to fill this particular space include a couch, chairs, a coffee table, an end table, a lamp, a clock, a vase, a painting or two, a few knickknacks, a television, a stereo/radio, a sofa throw, and curtains.
  • Bathroom. The bathroom may not seem like a major source of storage, but when we start packing things up, we come to realize it contains a whole lot more than we realize. Contents to ship over to your new dwelling include towels, spray cleaners/disinfectants, a toilet brush, surface wipes, a first aid kit, toothpaste/toothbrush, dental floss, mouthwash, a laundry basket, laundry detergent, medications, soap, shampoo, a hair brush/comb, a shower curtain, a bath mat, a trash basket, a blow dryer, cosmetics, and hair care products.

Indeed, there are other things you will want to take to your new abode besides the above. The list might include comfortable shoes/sneakers, everyday clothing (don’t forget workout wear and night clothes!), a computer, treasured photos, a few wall pieces, hobby supplies (e.g., playing cards, a cribbage board, a chess set), phones (cell and landline), bedding, reading glasses, a tablecloth and napkins, canned goods, foodstuffs, and perhaps a cherished memento or two. Naturally, if you have a precious pet, bring him or her with you, too! There is a lot to consider when making a move like this; if you’re feeling overwhelmed, these retirement moving tips might be a good place to start.

For additional moving suggestions, call Briarwood Senior Living Community at (508) 852-2670.

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