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Get the Picture?

flat-screen-tvFlat screen HDTV’s are very popular.  Like every other type of technology, newer models are always in the making (so once you get one, it may not be new for long).

Now some of us eschew the latest gizmos and prefer to wait until our present set says adieu, while others wish to trade in often.  If you think you might be in HDTV “investigation mode,” it is important to do research before making a decision.  Here are some informational tidbits concerning this area.

  • HD means high resolution, and 1080p is currently the highest it goes.  A cable box is often required for high-def channels.  Without it, you might be watching your state-of the-art TV in standard definition.  Still, keep in mind that it’s unlikely every channel will be shown in HD (it does depend upon your cable service)
  • So you want to connect a DVD player to your new HD set?  Well, in order to watch movies in high definition, you need a Blu-Ray DVD player.  A positive?  They’ve dramatically come down in price!
  • And what about size?  More often than not, higher-quality equates to better picture (particularly when choosing a larger set); visual components (like pixels) do come into play.
  • Should you mount your flat screen on the wall?  Well, it depends.  Personal preference and area dimensions might help you decide.  If you are contemplating this route, price is something to consider.  Wall mounting frequently involves an additional outlet and other added charges.  Still, a 46” or 52” wall TV often looks great in a standard-sized room (and you open up floor space!).
  • Which is better, plasma or LCD?  Yet again, it’s a personal thing; both technologies project wonderful pictures.  Plasmas tend to offer deeper blacks and a better side angle, while LCD’s are generally brighter and work well in rooms with lots of light.

In the whole scheme of things, TVs are only TVs.  Still, they do provide a certain measure of pleasure.  Subsequently, if you are in the market for a new one, make sure you get the picture that’s right for you.