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Senior Agencies in Central Massachusetts

Agencies helping senior independenceStress sometimes accompanies declining mobility and wellness.  And, when these types of changes occur, questions like, “Where can we turn?” and “Who will be there to help?” often cross seniors’ minds.



Fortunately, many senior agencies are there to assist with assorted elder matters.  Let’s look at two great locations in Central Massachusetts.


  • Central Massachusetts Agency on AgingCentral Massachusetts Agency on Aging is a private, non-profit agency under the Federal Older Americans Act, and its purpose is to help seniors live as independently as possible under the respective circumstances.  How does the agency accomplish this objective?  By evaluating and monitoring an individual’s situation, providing vital information, and assisting with planning and advocacy.  Naturally, during the assessment process, relevant questions will be asked to better discern a senior’s needs.  Afterwards, the agency recommends the best resources for the situation.  Still, help does not stop there.  Why?  As time passes, needs might change (so recommendations could change, as well).  The Central Massachusetts Agency on Aging accommodates Worcester and surrounding areas and is located at 360 West Boylston Street in West Boylston.  You can learn more about this beneficial organization by going to www.seniorconnection.org or calling 800-244-3032.  In addition to the plethora of free information available on the site, the agency also publishes an informative newsletter.
  • Elder Services of Worcester Area, Inc.  Elder Services of Worcester Area, Inc., provides a vast array of information/services to seniors.  They are considered an Aging Services Access Point (ASAP) and are regulated and funded through the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs.  The coordinated services are offered through formal contracts between provider agencies and Elder Services of Worcester.  Some of the multiple possibilities include home and personal care, delivered meals, respite, supportive home care, adaptive housing, transportation, adult day care, senior companions, and nursing home assessment/placement.  Payment for the service is based on income level.  For example, a number of seniors pay a small monthly fee, and Medicaid clients are not charged a fee.  Elder Services of Worcester’s main office can be found at 411 Chandler Street in Worcester.  For additional information, go to www.eswa.org or call 800-243-5111.


As some people become more mature, they occasionally feel as if they have little choice but to forfeit a portion of their self-sufficiency.  Fortunately, agencies like the aforementioned can help get a measure of that independence back.

So, if you or someone you care about is in need, check out the above.  Who knows, help may be closer than you know!

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