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Literature and the Nursing Home Resident

Literature transports us to places, eras, relationships, and time periods, we might otherwise never see.  It stimulates not only the brain, but also the body.  And this wonderful activity it is available to everyone; and the nursing home resident is especially able to enjoy its merits!

One hour we might be whisked to an enchanted Island with tall palm trees, exotic birds, and a fabulously happy couple.  We revel in the magical surroundings as our consciousness enters the thrilling scene.  “Can we stay here forever?” we wonder as we turn the page.

Another day we could enter a concrete building with cold walls, hidden overhead cameras, and metals detectors located at every entranceway.  We slightly cower as a cunning double agent flashes a government badge and proceeds beyond the security checkpoint into a private wing of the structure.

Or, we may visit John Adams in France and England as compatriots and foreign dignitaries alike poke fun at his abilities, motives, and appearance.  The more elegant Thomas Jefferson wonders how Adams withstands such ridicule. Yet, Adams’ mission remains steadfast as he rises above the scorn and goes on to become the second president of the United States of America.

The following month we travel to ancient Greece and meet the charming and inspired Aristotle. His oratory skills dazzle our senses as he speaks of an obscure “magnanimous man.”  “Does such a being truly exist?” we muse as we inch toward the edge of our seats.

Reading helps keep the mind alert, and stories fill our lives with fascination and intrigue!  Still, not every individual enjoys the same genre, but books abound in variety: (e.g., historical, mystery, espionage, science fiction, biographical, cooking).  A few thoughts for your loved one’s reading pleasure?

  1. The proper strength reading glasses (if needed).
  2. Larger print selections (they are simpler to see).
  3. Paperback (they are easier to lift and maneuver).

In addition, books between 100 to 200 pages sometimes seem less intimidating and therefore may be preferred (although some elderly favor longer novels).  Adieu and Happy Reading!

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